TEDxKCL Embracing Madness, The Sequel
28 October 2017, 11am-6pm
King’s College London, Strand Campus, WC2R 2LS

Please bring the confirmation email with you.
Lunch as well as tea and coffee will be provided!


What is TEDxKing’s College London about?

This is the third consecutive official TEDx being held at King’s College London (KCL) this year under the theme “Embracing Madness, The Sequel”. We are excited to be making this into an annual event, that hosts a unique and diverse set of speakers, right here at the university. Talented people from KCL and beyond will be seen on that iconic red carpet to blow your minds away. You can expect a full day of speakers and performers as well as coffee breaks for you to wonder around different workshops and to network with other attendees and the speakers.

The theme “Embracing Madness”, represents TED’s entrepreneurial, adventurous and ‘daredevil’ spirit. Not to mention, that neither TED nor TEDx events are afraid of addressing taboo topics or presenting ‘crazy ideas’. Like the speakers we have this year, someone who “embraces madness’ is someone who dares to dream big, pursue unique or impossible ideas or projects and thereby create beneficial impact, while others might have thought they were ‘mad’ for doing what they did.